Pre-Week 7: Getting to deeper problems after a messy introduction

My introduction is still a bit messy, but by staying at the truth, a lot of times I still get through. I know by mentioning 1 or 2 (surface) problems heard earlier I can get the conversation going. “Do you recognise problem X?”. It’s the conversation itself where I’m still having a hard time going deeper.

I feel less motivated in pushing through my still messy introduction, because I start to lose the point of the problem interview itself. Most of them end up with an ‘there is no important problem’.

I believe my introduction will get less messy as soon as I myself better see the value of the interview again. For now, I will not concentrate my time on fixing my introduction.

Getting to deeper problems

I’m analysing how to get deeper and ask better questions. Currently I’m halfway reading the book SPIN Selling, and learned about ‘Implication Questions’ and Need development. Page 74 has an excellent example interview.

A good next step is to analyse recorded calls and write down possible ‘Implication Questions’ I could have asked, so they will be top-of-mind when I need them the next time.