Week 1: Launch! Starting with mindset

Here we go! We’ve kicked off. Or haven’t we?

Doors have opened on november the 14th. Official kick-off is december 1st. And the first Idea Extraction course videos are released december 15th. First we’re focusing on mindset. Perfect, because that’s exactly what I’m focusing on right now.

Starting the 20 mile march on The Work

I have to focus on my current biggest challenge, even though it’s tempting to spend as much time as possible on The Foundation video lessons. So my 20 mile march this week is to do spend an hour minimum each day to inquire my biggest limiting belief at that very moment.

Not sure if I will be done by the end of the week. If not, I’ll see if I can change my plan to speed it up, or continue next week.

Getting deeper

When doing the simple version of the Four Questions, I found out the fourth question of the work allowed me to go deeper. It either creates a peaceful state (and then the turnarounds reïnforce that state the be permanent), or it opens up your mind to a new deeper thought. This deeper thought can be saved to do The Work on after you finish your current thought. You wouldn’t want to create all these open loops would you?


My strongest limiting beliefs are about how other people judge me for what I do. So I did the turnarounds on all people in my life who came up for being judgemental. This took me 5 hours and it felt complete.

Doing the four questions on it often results was how I’m judgemental about myself. I’m still having a hard time using The Work to reverse these self-judging thoughts. I think I had a breakthrough moment because everything appeared to be logical when I used the example turnaround from Katie like this:

For example: I’m a wannabe.
Turns around to: My thinking about me is a wannabe.

Now this sounds a bit conceptual, but it actually started to make sense after practising this self-judging turnaround on a couple of thoughts.

I’m a wannabe.
What’s a wannabe?
I trying to be someone I’m not.

Turns around to the self: My thinking about me is trying to be like I’m not
Turns around to the other:  My thinking about others is trying to be like I’m not
Turns around to the negative: My thinking about me is not trying to be like I’m not.
Turns around to the opposite: My thinking about me is admirable.

Don’t pay too much attention to the opposite statement itself. It’s all about conceptually grasping the turnaround of yourself into the thinking about yourself.

Not sure if these were permanent, but the day after they didn’t come up.

Tools for making calls

I put calling on hold for now, but I renewed my phone subscription so I was thinking about a good calling setup. My subscription gives me unlimited national calls. So instead of using skype I’m going to use this app called Dialogue so I can use my iPhone for calling.
In my calling CRM Pipedrive  I was very comfortable with click-to-calls to Skype. Pipedrive allows you to change the calling URL scheme. I changed it to have click-to-call phone numbers passed through to the Dialogue app:
It doesn’t ask for a confirmation but start the call straight away. At first I thought it might create some unwanted calls but it will remove friction as well. Might help me get it on with a next call quicker. Not because it saves handling time but it saves your mind from re-evaluating your action.