Week 2: Seeing a coach on The Work

I’m still practising this limiting belief reversal, and I feel I’m getting better and better at it, but I’m not yet able to get on a deeper level.

I’ll continue to do my 20 mile march by doing at least 1 reversal of my biggest belief of the day as my most important activity. Even though it feels like progress is not really tangible that way, I know it to be the best thing to do for now.

Playing full out

Every day, I’m using my Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet in Google Drive and working through a single limiting belief statement. I work through all the extra answers that come up in the first 6 questions as well, by doing the Four Questions and Turnarounds on them.

It feels like hard work, and some days I spend over 2 hours on it. It might be possible to go faster, but this feels like a thorough method for now.

Getting a coach

I wanted to get some 1-on-1 practise as well, so I was browsing Katie’s list of Certified Facilitators in The Netherlands. I contacted Sagar Simon and had a great experience. I can really recommend doing a facilitated inquiry. My most important learnings were:

  • It’s key to really mentally picture the situation of the thought, and stick with it. Keep returning to that exact situation. All the work you do on this situation will help you in similar situations afterwards.
  • Go as deep as you can. Don’t be afraid to judge. If an answer feels a little bit exaggerated or too strong, use it. It’s important to really feel the associated emotions as strong as you can.
  • Inquire ALL of your answer statements from the 6 preparation questions with the Four Questions and 3 Turnarounds. It’s the only way to reverse all aspects and similar thoughts in one go.