Pre-Week 6: What's in it for them…


Having trouble explaining the ‘What’s In It For Me’. People don’t understand what I’m offering. And those who don’t understand won’t talk to me.


I’ve tried some new introduction stuff, focusing on ‘what’s in it for them’. Didn’t make a lot of calls, but got mostly rejected. Had 1 scheduled call. It lasted over an hour. It was interesting, but I wasn’t able to extract a deep pain. I have to improve my listening skills to get deeper.

Reaching out

Sometimes it feels a little alone, working on these Foundation skills of Idea Extraction and cold calling. It’s great to read about other people’s success. Especially from Foundation alumni. It would also be nice to be able to talk with others your challenges. That’s what The Foundation is set up for exactly. But until the start it’s important to find a replacement.

So I tried to contact other prospective Foundation members and alumni, by e-mail, on Twitter and will try to be more active in comment sections of blogs. Also, Andrew Warner of Mixergy is hosting awesome interviews and business courses and created a Facebook Group about Idea Extraction called ‘Find the pain’. There’s some interesting people out there trying the same stuff.