Pre-Week 1: The first calls

Ready. Set. Pfffffff. That’s intense. It actually took me a few minutes to start my first call. Thoughts about possible outcomes are racing through my mind. Because it’s so tough, I tried to trick myself into the call by building up the confidence to just click the call button so there was no way back. And it worked… As soon as the phone starts ringing, there’s nothing else you can do but hustle through the call.

Skype click call

I had no idea what I was talking about though. It was kind of awkward. But I didn’t care. 1-0 for me because I had made my first call.

Because we’re in the middle of high season holidays it took me a long time to get through to a business owner. Most were gone or preparing to leave. Pretty demotivating. I also had a call transferred to a sole proprietors cell phone abroad. Obviously not the right time.¬†And talking to gatekeepers did not feel like hustling because they simply told me their boss was gone.

I continued calling the next day, and got into a few longer calls. People did either not understand what I was talking about, or they told me they were busy. But I did manage to get a 28 minutes call where a business owner described his business! Hurray.

Although I tried to ask about problems, I noticed most of my questions were about the actual market and the security business in general. I learned more about quoting, making a security plan and the official security certificate guidelines they need to work with.

No pain found yet, but not a bad first two days.