Pre-Week 17: Limiting beliefs and personal development

So this week I started by learning some more about Byron Katie’s The Work. A process of answering 4 questions about a negative thought to be able to reverse it. I remembered a kind of similar process I did a few years back, when I practised Man Transformation, an amazing DVD series by David Deangelo, that literally transformed the way I thought about myself. Only this week I found out his real name is Eben Pagan, after listening to Andy Drish’ Starting With Nothing Podcast. He mentioned Eben as one of his top influencers.

Our mind is trying to protect us

So a few years ago I tried to go back deep into my memories to understand the roots of some of my thoughts. Especially my most annoying ones about feeling judged by others.

Some of the stuff I’m doing for The Foundation I’m also constantly questioning in my mind. It’s blocking my progress and holding me back from success. I’m questioning what other people are thinking about this process (do I look like a wannabe?), I’m questioning what others think about the market I selected (is it cool or sexy or not?) and even questioning my success in the end (what do other people think about me being succesful?).

Reach out for help

Rationally, I know this is crazy stuff, but I still feel it. So I’ve got to work on understanding and reversing it. I am going to get deeper into The Work and try it on my own thoughts. In the mean time I will try to speed up the progress by looking for help from more experienced people. Like Peter Shallard, who I’ve done a Clarity Couch session with once and who get me totally unstuck and back on track in a 13 minute mp3 report. My first option is to see if someone from The Foundation such as Dane, someone from the team or an alumni would have some time available to help me practise this stuff.

Time to relax

This week I went to visit my brother in Barcelona, so it was time for some refueling. I downloaded the I’m Fine, Thanks movie by Grant Peelle for some inflight entertainment. It wasn’t that actionable, which made it a nice feelgood movie that made me connect to and identify with their goals for life.