Pre-Week 14: Building Momentum

Man, it’s hard to even start a single call after a long time. But don’t bash yourself for it. Build momentum, and make sure you make more and better calls each single day.


Tried one call, got blocked by the gate keeper. Decided to e-mail the owner and offer him a 15 minute call
Am changing 3 new things at the same time:
  • e-mail instead of calling decision maker
  • mention straight up that I create software but don’t sell it yet
  • offer a call instead of tricking people into asking questions

Not sure what’s happening now.


Accidentally called someone who from the first second kept talking for 30 minutes about an iPad solution they already created in house. We set up a meeting about the app later. The most important benefit I found for now is their app getting rid of maintanance costs of the servers, data and backups they need for their old application. I’m very curious to find what problems in operating the business are solved as well.


A no Day. Lots of no’s. Tried different things. Didn’t feel very sharp when getting up. Not sure if it’s related, but it does make you feel more down when things aren’t going the right way.
Got stopped by a gatekeeper from a big corporation and told myself it’s impossible to reach the big corporations without a good proposition. Managed to get past a gatekeeper at another big corporation but got hung up by the business owner. Quite a dissapointing day.
Tried to e-mail another big business owner instead. Also sent a LinkedIn invite to a former Operations Manager and invited him for a coffee.
Felt quite stressful and overwhelmed today. Got the feeling I’m trying lots of different ‘tactics’ at the same time making it hard for myself to find out what works.


I feel I’m overwhelming myself too much to set up proper learning. I’m trying to go too fast which creates lots of stress. Going outside your comfort zone is good, but I suppose I shouldn’t go too far. Leaning just over the edge of fear creates the best growth.
Also trying to break apart the stuff I’m doing right now, to find out how I can focus on learning the smaller parts.
Got a positive reaction on my LinkedIn invite. Trying to set up a meeting.