Pre-Week 10: Articulate a clear offer

Find a profit oriented market.

I’m not sure yet, what is a profit oriented market? Do especially smaller businesses tend to be less profit oriented? Are they more service oriented?
Can you classify a whole market as profit oriented? Or is it a difference in the various business in the market?

When to change market?

I can jump to another market whenever I want. I’m not yet half way down my list of 100 companies with business owner names and phone numbers. And there are over 300 other companies in The Netherlands alone. I did not disqualify or invalidate the market, and I don’t think it’s right to blast an e-mail to all of them and disqualify the non-responders.
For now I’m sticking to the security installation market and going for quality calls instead of quantity, until I see obvious signs to move on.

Articulate a clear offer

I’m going to be more open on what I do. It needs to be more clear for people to understand what I’m doing. Easier for them to take a decision on.
I tend to focus on keeping my prospects happy. Not dropping silences because I’m afraid they will ‘wake up’ and ‘realise’ I am wasting their time. Not explaining exactly what I’m doing and how my From now on, I’m focussing on learning why they do or don’t want my offer.

Broadcast who you are.

It’s all about being more honest. Make it easy for others and yourself to connect with the right people. Sales is not about persuading people to buy your message. It starts by selecting the right people to sell to.

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