Thingtagging Google Base items

As an example to my thesis findings I wanted to publish my thesis through Google Base and provide it a Thinglink code. As Google Base is still in beta fase, this does not work like it perfectly at the moment.

The first problem I came across was the addition of the attribute ‘Thinglink’. Google did not approve this attribute name. After contacting Google about this, they approved it for my particular item, but I’m still unable to add more items and provide them with thinglinks.

Google Base

The second problem is the layout of the actual thinglink. Google Base attributes do not allow colons in them. So it’s inpossible to use an attribute name of ‘Thinglink’ (which should be possible as soon as Google approves this attribute for new items) with the value of ‘thing:189THS’. A workaround could be the use of just the part after the colon: 189THS. Google comes up with the following solutions:

I have researched your question, and unfortunately, at this time there is not an easy way to include the formatting “thing:123ABC.” As you stated our system will strip colons ( : ) in custom Google Base attribute value fields.

At this time, you can include the formatting “thing:123ABC” in the following locations: title, description, or in custom attribute field of the type “Large text.” The “Large text” option is not very practical in your situation, as it needs to be text of few lines to allow the attribute to remain specified as type “Large text” otherwise the attribute specification reverts back to “text.”

A working Google Base item example of my thesis is public and searchable at the moment. At the time of creating it, I did not publish the actual thesis yet. Earlier this month, Google Base allowed you to attach more files than just images. A very detailed digital representation of an object can be now be created!

My Google item was of the Item Type ‘Thesis’. It is impossible to use custom item types at the moment. I suppose this will be fixed soon. Because my current item already is of the type ‘Thesis’, and I cannot change it at the edit page, I am unable to update information on my thesis.

Update: My thesis ‘Social RFID’ is now available and more detailed on Google Base.

Additionally just like Matt Biddulph explains thingtagging used on Flickr, the same can be done with Google Base items, linking the description layer of Google Base to the actual thinglinked object. Unfortunately also here Google is currently stripping the colon from the thinglink.