Social RFID

A PDF version of my thesis (2MB) is available for download:

Social RFID thesis cover

The website accompanying this thesis can be found at I will publish a demo application of my graduation project there soon. Right now it’s using RFID input, so I will have to make a workaround. I’ll try to publish a web version soon.

  • cohete

    Thnx for sharing ;)

  • Niels

    Your thesis looks really good, something to be very proud of!

    Especially the very good looking guy holding the PDA ;-)

    Again, congratulations!

  • Geacht heer,

    Ik heb uw naam te horen gekregen van Rob van Kranenburg. Wegens ziekte is hij helaas verhinderd te spreken op het openingssymposium van het draadloze festival NetNiet 2006 (2 t/m 17 september). Zou u hem kunnen vervangen op 2 september vanaf 13 uur?

    Ik hoop zo snel mogelijk van u te horen.

    Met vriendelijk groet,

    Renee van der Nat


  • I’m the general manager of Nedap healthcare. As you know the world market leader in NFC technology. I Think you’ve spoken with Jan Hendrik.

    I like to have a phonecall with you about things!

    06 51101369