RFID reader and tags received

Today I finally received my CompactFlash RFID reader. As I wrote earlier it’s the Multi ISO CompactFlash reader from ACG, that is supposed to work with the Mobile Bristol Toolkit. It came with 30 small round epoxy RFID sticker tags (I-Code SLI).

ACG CompactFlash RFID Reader with Epoxy I-Code SLI sticker tags

Although I expected a lot of trouble getting the hardware to work it seemed to go pretty easy. Although I did not get a CD, manual, URL or anything with it, setting it all up went quickly. On the ACG id website a Demo Utility can be found which can be used to test the reader. The manual on the utility (found in the ZIP file) is not too detailed about the available features but it does explain the basics. After clicking one of the two ‘connect’ buttons the ‘select’ command enabled me to read out the tags I received, which had unique numbers written to them already.

The Mobile Bristol Editor provides an excellent programming environment to program the client’s behaviour on encountering and losing tags. It’s now time to get the Mobile Bristol client to actually communicate with the reader.